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FRENCH ONION SOUP gruyere cheese, herb crouton  cup 6 / bowl 9

YELLOW FIN TUNA TARTARE spicy orange aioli, scallion, avocado, chile, cilantro, taro root chips   16

FRIED CALAMARI spicy remoulade, marinara, lemon   12

MUSSELS thai coconut sauce, cilantro  14


MESCLUN* shaved vegetables, greens, champagne vinaigrette   9

CAESAR romaine, parmesan, crouton   9

WASHINGTON WEDGE* bacon, tomatoes, Bermuda onions, blue cheese dressing   10

BUTTER LETTUCE* apple, blue cheese, spicy cashews, honey sesame vinaigrette   11

ALBACORE GARDEN SALAD* tuna, olive oil & garlic dressing, vegetables, arugula   16

MARTHA’S SALAD* grilled chicken, greens, tomato, egg, blue cheese, bacon, avocado,
balsamic vinaigrette   16

ROASTED BEET & BURRATA field greens, Bermuda onions, tomatoes, ginger dressing 14 

KALE & BRUSSEL SPROUTS SALAD* bacon, grape tomato es, avocado, feta cheese, maple vinaigrette  14

Add to any salad:
Grilled Chicken   6
Grilled Scottish Salmon   7
Yellow Fin Tuna   8
Sirloin steak 9
Shrimp (4)   9


FISH AND CHIPS tempura style, tartar sauce, fries   14

LOBSTER RAVIOLI creamy brandy sauce   21

HOUSE-MADE SHRIMP DUMPLINGS* wild-caught shrimp, shitake mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, ginger, thai cocount sauce  18

SCOTTISH SALMON citrus risotto, sautéed spinach, Meyer lemon 19

WEISSWURST* warm potatoes, mustard, sauerkraut 18

SESAME CRUSTED TUNA* jasmine rice cake, baby bok choy, Thai coconut ginger sauce   24

ROASTED FREE-RANGE CHICKEN* yukon gold whipped potatoes, haricot verts, natural sauce 18

CRABBY MARTHA MELT SANDWICH crab meat, gruyère, avocado, tomato, brioche, fries 18

GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH fire-roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, basil mayo, fries  14

PASTRAMI REUBEN rye, house pastrami, kraut, swiss, thousand island, fries  14

WASHINGTON BBQ SANDWICH pulled pork, swiss cheese, ciabatta, cole slaw, pickle, fries   15

WASHINGTON SLIDERS four Angus beef sliders, choice of cheese   14

WASHINGTON BURGER special sauce, gruyère, onion, bacon, romaine,
pickled sundried tomato, fries   17

5-STAR BURGER housemade BBQ sauce, gruyère, apple slaw, bacon, fries   17

CLASSIC BURGER lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheddar, blue, swiss or gruyère, fries   15

condiments: bacon, caramelized onions, pickled jalapenos, mushrooms, avocado     1 each


Raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Please inform your server of any food allergies or dietary restrictions. We are happy to accommodate!

* = Gluten free